desktop overload

I made this project to explore where and how an object is created can drastically change the meaning. Depending on what platform and the experience you have while viewing objects translates a different understanding of the object entirely. Whether it’s through a screen, in a theater versus at home, physically in front of you, in a collection with other works, or framed with intent, an objects context will create different meaning.

Techniques: Compositing

Music: Snail's House - ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne)

Hong Kong, March 2019



This is a screenshot from the object that I created. I wanted to use the mac desktop as a setting that most people in today’s society can recognize. Creating this setting was important so that I could then make a statement about how we interact with objects of visual culture.   


This is an image of some of the rough sketches I did before creating my object. I described the desktop setting I wanted to depict as well as some of the imagery. I wanted to include the imagery of opening an image on your desktop but with a video of myself placed in the images as well.


This image is a screenshot from a clip of myself in the green screen room before placing myself in the video I created. I wanted to place myself in other clips to make a statement about how the context of how an object of visual culture changes how an object is understood.


This is another screenshot from the video I created. My image is placed in several different locations from clips I shot. I also wanted to comment on the amount of objects of visual culture we are exposed to constantly which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 10.27.33

This is my object of visual culture. I created a video to communicate how different contexts change the content of an object. I also wanted to communicate the way in which we as a society are bombarded with images. I filmed shots from several locations as well as placed my own image into others. I used a desktop as the frame for my video.