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models that eat podcast intro 

models that eat podcast intro and outro

Another collaboration with Pojo for Models that Eat! Utilizing the beautiful podcast cover art by @cosmiceden, animating this intro for Pojo included the tone and style that has been consistent through all of the videos Pojo and I have worked on together (See Models That Eat and Pojo's intro). With Pojo's great film photography, photos of her plates, and her up-cycled napkin merch, we played off the idea of a set table where everyone is invited.


Check out Pojo and Models That Eat here:

Models That Eat:

 YouTube Channel



Pojo's Instagram

Music: Mia Gladstone

Cover Artist: Eden Redpath


Savannah, GA April 2021

Models That Eat episode 1! Animations seen at :30 and 35:32.

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