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pojo intro

In collaboration with Pheobe/Pojo, I created this video as an introduction for her new personal Youtube channel. When discussing Pheobe's new channel, we wanted to include her love for film photography, collaging, and food but create something to distinguish her personal brand from the blog and YouTube channel Models That Eat that she also runs. While the style of the of content on both channels is similar, Pheobe's personal channel would be more about telling her personal story. With the help of Mia Gladstone's "Pojo" jingle and Ethan Pidgeons groovy pattern designs, I aimed to combine the warm 70's inspired patterns that Ethan had created for Pheobe, and her own modern and progressive attitude and style.

I took apart Ethans patterns in order to animate them smoothly. I also used his patterns to layer over themselves as well as photos of Pheobe and photos of her friends and lifestyle. These combinations were intended to show the different sides of Pheobe and the variety that her YouTube channel will consist of, while centered around herself as the main narrative. 


Check out Pojo here!

Pojo's Instagram

Pojo's YouTube Channel

Music: Mia Gladstone

Pattern Design: Ethan Pidgeon


New Jersey, April 2020

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