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change the channel - mia gladstone music video

In this project I got the opportunity to make and animate graphics for Mia's new single "Change the Channel." Mia's team sent me a base edit for the video and asked for more cuts, movement, and overall assets to create more action and color in the video. I created and animated text for the title and phrases throughout the video as well as graphics. I wanted the graphics to not seem out of place in this wild funhouse of a world, inspired for Mia by Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You'll Go." In my attempt to integrate the graphics, I used video clips from the initial shoot as assets for my graphics. By editing the shapes and colors, the visuals seem new yet familiar. I also helped create some videos for social media, utilizing the animated text.


Check out Mia Gladstone and the rest of the team here!

Mia Gladstone Instagram and Mia's music is on all streaming services!

Directed by Josh Charow 

Cinematography by Henry Dacosta

Editing by Giles Perkins

Animation/Editing by Grace Wiehl

Styling by Olive Woodward

Makeup by Mia Gladstone & Corinne Olson

First AC Derin Egrikavuk



Savannah, GA September 2020

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