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Substitute Dealers

More Americans are dying of drug overdoses than ever before. Why? A synthetic opioid called fentanyl is making drugs even more deadly.

Get the facts on fentanyl.

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NYC October 2022

Production Company: JOAN Studios
Director: Courtney Sofiah Yates
DOP: Zach Sky
Managing Director: Cheri Anderson
Executive Producer: Shami LaCourt
Production Assistant: Alston Bowman
Line Producer: Sam Broscoe
Project Manager: Rebecca Wells
School Casting: Vitamin EnrichedPartner on Substitute Dealer Casting & Talent Partner:

Second Chance Studio

Post Production: JOAN Studios
Executive Producer: Shami LaCourt
Post Producer: Madison Mavis
Editor: Chiao Chen, Grace Wiehl
Animation: Grace Wiehl, Charlie Hocking
Designer: Peter Dommermuth

Hannah Lorentzen 

Emily Robbins 

Nicole LeLacheur

Hailey Lawrence

 Jaime Robinson

Lisa Clunie

Libby Nelson

Sarah Collinson

Kristin Van Note

Becca Patrick

Diana Matthews

Charley Cobbin

Jimon Boadi

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